A “digital day”: notes from the fifth initiative

Communication and its digital tools are essential elements for reception projects and processes of inclusion: from apps to social networks, these types of instruments have extraordinary potential and a great ability to produce change and bring about improvement.

This was the common thread that brought togetherthe many different contributions of Welcome to Digital Inclusion, our fifth initiative, organized by the Open Group on November 7th. After the introductory greetings from the institutions, during which we presented Welcoming Bologna and underlined how being digital is a key theme of our project, we proceeded to speeches given by the numerous guests of this event.

Welcome to Digital Inclusion – La quinta iniziativa

Monica Campion from Open Group, talked about project ABC Digitale, an idea designed “to orient children and young people inside the space of digital citizenship in development”. Precisely in this regard, Piergiorgio Degli Esposti, sociology lecturer at the University of Bologna, then emphasized the context in which we live, “the era of triple revolution”: a change brought about by three factors including Internet, mobile and social media. In this context, digital techniques become essential elements for inclusion and reception programs.

In fact, the principal part of the event was devoted to the presentation of projects and associations that work daily to create a better world: Erasmus+ Elastic or Mygrants, a formative and informative app already used by 10,000 migrants. Other examples are Valigia Digitale, a web information literacy lab for young refugees and Ekokt or Digital Generation Gap.
And even radio becomes digital: this the case of Radio Alta Frequenza, managed by migrants that gives voice to the story of migration, and the case of Benvenuti a Bologna, a radio program created and directed by Boubacar Dia, with the aim of giving newcomers the tools to become autonomous and independent.

The second part of the initiative was more operational, a way to understand new tools, through short training course and workshops that closed the day. Participants were able to experiment with new digital dynamics, test some of the apps presented during the event, and learn about techniques used in web radio and digital storytelling.

Some pics from the fifth inititive by Vincenzo Ventura

All in all, it was a great day of discussion and reflection on the many possibilities of digitalisation. It was an especially important occasion to discover new incentives and new skills, and continue to build an inclusive city.