A handbook against discrimination

What is discrimination? How to recognize it and, above all, how to fight it? The eighth initiative of Welcoming Bologna was born from these questions and carried out by the territorial Anti-discrimination network. The course, entitled “Manual for anti-discrimination activists”, was organized by the CESD (Centro Europeo Studi sulla Discriminazione) in collaboration with the Montesole Peace School, with the aim of training (and informing) students from IPSAS Aldrovandi- Rubbiani of Bologna on the dynamics of inequality, in order to equip them to be real activists against all forms of discrimination.

In order to achieve this, a series of training activities was put in place with the aim of highlighting the historical cultural and institutional dynamics of discrimination, as well as the linguistic and communicative aspects within which disparities are nourished.

A journey consisting of three events: workshops, meetings and experiences of different natures. The first took place on Thursday 8th March at the Ipsas Aldrovandi-Rubbiani, Fashion headquarters in via Muratori 1. Its aim was to begin learning and understanding the words and terms relating to discrimination.

The second stage was a trip through history: on March 26th, a visit to the Montesole Peace School and the commemorative memorial of the Montesidio massacre took place. This was the scene of one of the greatest massacres carried out by the Germans during the Second World War and is now one of the symbolic memorialsm inviting its visitors to reflect on the concepts of peace and war, violence and non-violence, and obedience and disobedience to unjust laws.

Finally, in April last step of this training course saw the boys from IPSAS Aldrovandi-Rubbiani meet and get to know a witness of Nazi persecution, giving them the chance to understand, through listening to the words of those who survived, the atrocities and pain that can arise from discrimination, both yesterday and today.