A migrant map aimed also at the new arrivals

Following the female migrant map, a map for new arrivals has also ‘arrived’, once again from Imola. It is a map that identifies the places and areas of daily life of several migrants, from places of leisure to spaces of health and mind. Within the context of our 17th initiative, the social cooperation Solco Prossimo and Camelot made this initiative happen.

Once again, the aspect of listening has proved to be fundamental in understanding the needs and requirements of men with often different experiences, in highlighting what their relationship with the town of Imola is and in enhancing it.

In order to identify the most important places, two focus groups were set up, involving groups of migrants of different ages and backgrounds and with different tales of migration (in terms of work, family reunification, refugees, asylum seekers). A reciprocal exchange that has given life to a new and effective welcoming tool, useful for those who have just arrived but also for those who have lived in the town for a lifetime, who can use the map to find out new things about the Imola.

The map can be downloaded for free in pdf format by clicking here