The Catalogue of WB is available online: the results of the project

Welcoming Bologna’s Catalogue is online! Following the methodological toolkit, the catalogue presents the results of this project and recount the process which has been active at a local level, giving voice to those figures involved first hand in the realisation of the initiatives: social workers, volunteers, journalists, entrepreneurs and citizens contributed to make Bologna a more welcoming and inclusive city.

Click here to download the Catalogue

The idea of Welcoming Bologna was born in 2014 from an encounter between Africa e Mediterraneo and Welcoming America, through the Intercultural Innovation Award network: an award supporting the most innovative ideas which encourage intercultural dialogue and cooperation across the world. In September 2016, the project officially started as a pilot experience in order to study, test and promote Welcoming America’s model in Bologna.

The map of our initiatives in the metropolitan area of Bologna and Imola district

The project included a first phase of planning and training during which the Welcoming Bologna task-force, composed of the representatives of several stakeholders working around the topic of migration in Bologna, was created. Afterwards, the operative phase of the project was engaged: from activities targeting children to those dedicated to Roma and Sinti people, from sport to culture, tackling also topics like food and legality, Welcoming Bologna’s catalogue goes through the 18 local initiatives implemented within two years, focusing on innovative practices and new tools developed during the activities.

The catalogue is available in three languages (English, Italian and French) and is available for download clicking here.

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