Sport between inclusion and participation: the story of the ninth initiative

A day of interaction and knowledge, of participation and inclusion, with one stand-out protagonist: sport. On Saturday 21st April – a very significant date marking the anniversary of the Liberation of Bologna – the Beltrame reception centre opened its doors, transforming itself into a meeting place that brought together the citizens of Bologna, newcomers and associations operating in the social field. The event is part of our ninth initiative: Health and Sport as a vehicle for inclusion. The event was promoted by the Dolce social cooperative, and saw the collaboration of the Belle Trame, Metamorfosi association, La Luna di Vasilika, Uisp Bologna, Palestrina Popolare, the Afrobeat group and Casa Mila.

The first part of the initiative was characterized by the various outdoor activities organized by Palestrina Popolare, which got all those present involved in performances of muay thai and open boxing and yoga classes. The Uisp and Metamorphosis Association also ran a series of games from the past: from archery to steal the flag, to tambourine and tug of war, to name just a few.

Throughout the initiative it was also possible to admire the exhibition “Photographs from the field“, a series of shots by the team from La Luna di Vasilika portraying snippets of life in the reception camps.

The last part of the evening, on the other hand, was an opportunity to chat and get to know each other, thanks to the plentiful aperitif offered by Casa Mila residents. Immediately after, music by the Afrobeat group got all the participants up and dancing.

And so it was that this intense and participative day came to an end. A day which saw the very residents themselves take center stage at the Beltrame center alongside local citizens and all the other realities from the territory, demonstrating how collaboration and the desire to meet and get to know one another are stronger than any prejudice and any barrier.