The “Living Library”: stories and paths beyond prejudices

There are many special books which enable different generations, cultures, people, paths and ways of living to come together: these are the books by the “Living Library“, our sixth initiative organized by  ANCeSCAO Bologna.

Despite the snow fall on March 1st, many still came to Montanari social center to listen live to the life stories and tales from this library: from volunteering to migration, from cooking to dreams, participants had the opportunity to find out about new realities and situations.
Seven books to “listen” and seven points of view from which to look at the world.

A day of debate and participation that brought young and old together, united by their curiosity; the desire to know and get involved in making Bologna an open and inclusive city.

Video and pics by Vincenzo Ventura

The appointment will be at the next initiative, number 7: stay tuned for updates, we are already working on them…