The preliminary statements report is online

The Preliminary Statements Report lays out the main qualitative and quantitative data on migration in the metropolitan area of Bologna, and more generally in the regional and national context. The Welcoming Bologna project, taking this information into account, foresees action within the local territory and the launching of a communication campaign which tends to specific needs and enable the creation of support networks for new citizens and the facilitation of their path towards integration into the society in which they live.

More specifically, this dossier, available for consultation and download under the resource section of the website, analyses a number of specific issues related to immigration. The first part of the document is dedicated to the context of Bologna: what are the cities of the metropolitan area? How many inhabitants are there, and what proportion of the population are new citizens?

With these questions as a starting point, the report addresses the issue of access to the job market; a crucial element for an inclusive community, and analyses it through Istat data and with the help of the dossier produced by the Emilia Romagna Region on foreign employment. It also focuses particularly on women: a gender analysis aimed at highlighting the peculiarities of the female migration experience and at identifying those needs exclusive to women. Finally, the last part of our dossier provides a comprehensive overview of data and statistics related to migrations and the Italian reception system, with a particular focus on the situation in the metropolitan city of Bologna.