We weave our colours: between fashion and solidarity

When all the threads intertwine, perfect wefts are formed. The final “weaving” stage of the tailoring projects carried out by the associations and the realities that manage the reception centres for asylum seekers present within the territory was implemented on Saturday 7th April with a fashion show. It took place during the seventh initiative of Welcoming Bologna, in an ideal location for the event: Villa Smeraldi of San Marino di Bentivoglio, home to the Museo della Civiltà Contadina (Museum of Countryside Civilization) and the ancient machines which worked and spun the hemp that was cultivated on the Bolognese plain.

On the catwalk of “Intrecciamo i nostri colori” (“Intertwining our colours”), organized by Aifo under the patronage of the Unione dei Comuni Reno Galliera, all the protagonists climbed onto the stage; from those who took part in the course, to the operators of the associations and the artisans who taught the beneficiaries of the course to cut, sew and make clothes and accessories, supporting the creativity of the young guests. While on the stage, stories of people from many different countries (mostly from Africa, but also from Bolivia, Colombia, Albania and Moldova), their tastes and their traditions were spectacularly intertwined.

The large audience was thrilled by the mixed, but highly original fashion. A fashion able to meld tradition and innovation, and to adapt to the tastes of possible users as the young creator of Guinea Bissau sensed. A resident at a reception centre in Castello d’Argile run by the Arca di Noé cooperative, only seven years ago Guinea learned to sew from an uncle tailor and during his time in Italy he has been able to adapt his preference for Nigerian fashion to more sober European tastes, making (with the involvement of the after-school boys) basic garments embellished with inserts or small details of colour.

“This is also culture”, commented the mayor of Bentivoglio Erika Ferranti and the mayor of Castello d’Argile and president of the Union of Municipalities Reno Galliera, who gave the honours. The outfits of the wearers were in fact preceded by an introduction or a short film with which the associations presented their project to the audience. On the stage there was a chance to admire the bags and leather accessories made by the Lai-momo cooperative residents from the Centre for production, training and reception in ​​Lama di Reno. The La Venenta t-shirts, the clothes made by the Nigerian, Joy, resident at a reception centre run by the Camelot cooperative, t-shirts and sarongs produced with the revival of Indian saris from the Arco Iris cooperative.

Finally, there are those who have been able to weave together two seemingly distinct concepts such as glamor and solidarity. Thanks to the donation of leftover parts of prestigious fabrics by several well-known fashion brands of the region, the “Social Chic” tailoring of Mondo Donna Onlus was born. It creates simple but high-impact garments at very reasonable prices.