Welcome to Imola District: a map for migrant women

Be welcoming and do it properly: many women transition through the intercultural centre of Trama di Terre di Imola. And if some continue on their way, others must stop and wait: a permit, a document or a new destination. For many women, asylum seekers and migrants, finding themselves in an unfamiliar city is not easy, they lack local references and knowledge: even meeting their basic needs can be complicated.

The “Welcome to Imola Distict”, the 17th initiative of the Welcoming Bologna project, was created by Trama di Terre. A genre map (to be consulted and downloaded in pdf format by clicking here) that contains the most significant places that the new arrivals in Imola frequent to rediscover that lost everyday life, left behind in their country of origin. From the Halal butchery to the Italian school, from the local clinic to places of worship, from Mary’s shop to Desiree’s shop: there are many places where these women look for something familiar, the air of home, in order to make this uncertain phase of life just a little less difficult.

In order to map these places, Trama di Terre started with the primary needs of asylum seekers, identified through a series of meetings that compared and involved the main method of detection.
A map for those who migrate, but whose realization seeks to favour an even broader exchange among the most recently arrived immigrants, female migrants who have lived in Imola for a long time and those native to the town.

In short, from now on, those who arrive in Imola will have one more tool to help them take their first steps. A map that represents the final moment in a journey of knowledge and investigation in the town but also a new starting point for the women who are yet to arrive. When you are without that network of family and friends, and you are faced with poor job prospects, it is essential that the first place of reception is able to provide you with information on how best to enjoy the city and its ethnic spaces. Today, thanks to Trama di Terre, it will be a little easier to do so.